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High Performance PUSH-IN Wire Connection System Installed in New Dolby Sound Systems

Posted by Weidmuller North America on Nov 10, 2021 2:57:23 PM

Dolby Laboratories, Inc. is a world leader in immersive audio/visual technologies that revolutionizes the science of sight and sound through innovative research and engineering, empowering creatives to elevate their stories, and offering fans unforgettable experiences.

lufIn March of 2019, Dolby Cinema Technology Engineer, Jerry Sommerfeld, reached out to specialists at Weidmüller to request information about power terminal blocks. Based in Richmond, Virginia, the Weidmüller specialists were happy to share their knowledge and support Dolby’s team, who were in the process of evaluating power connectors for new loudspeaker product development.speakers

These new loudspeakers, Systems 133 and 136 are Dolby’s latest, high-performance loudspeaker innovations targeting premium large-format cinemas.“These systems are high performance, passive loudspeakers, that require reliable, easy to use interconnects to high-output audio power amplifiers" explains Sommerfeld. In this case, the Weidmüller team recommended the LUF terminal block, which are rugged, high-current interconnects engineered to last years in the field without service.

The LUF system from Weidmüller is a PUSH IN direct-insert connection system that provides several benefits over conventional connection systems. Compared to connection systems using screws and tension clamps, the LUF PUSH IN reduces wiring times by up to 80%. More important than its ease-of-use and time-saving attributes, the LUF system is proving itself to be extremely durable and reliable in this extremely high-vibration application.

“The balance of rugged mechanical & electrical design, ease-of-use, wire compatibility, and cost made the Weidmüller LUF 10.00 a great fit for our new high-performance System 133 & 136 loudspeakers, which will be sold into venues all over the world” states Sommerfeld.

How the LUF PUSH IN wire connection system works: As a rule, PUSH IN connections have an actuation "pusher" or lever. The stripped solid or stranded wire conductor with crimped-on wire-end ferrules is simply plugged into the contact point. The contact point can be opened easily, and the conductor removed by pressing the pusher or actuating the lever. This ensures quick, clear wiring. No tools are required for the wire connection. For stranded wire without a ferrule, the spring is opened via pressing the pusher or actuating the lever. This creates a reliable, vibration-proof, and gas-proof connection.


In this whitepaper, engineers and technicians can find a significant amount of information on the simple integration of the LUF PUSH IN connection technology for their own device designs.