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How to Get Started Quickly with Automation and IIoT

Posted by Weidmuller North America on Jan 11, 2021 3:05:55 PM


It can be challenging to get the right components assembled to complete an automation project connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Many people feel overwhelmed researching the different approaches to automation, and may experience exasperation once they realize the separate expenses they can incur to bring their IoT-enabled machine control dreams to life. But implementing automation and IoT does not have to be hard. Or expensive.

“Traditionally you would have to buy the hardware and the software separately,” explains Maria Castillo, an Electrical Engineer with decades of experience weidmueller_u-mation_keyvisual_final_v01and current Automation Product Manager at Weidmüller. “After the hardware was sourced and the licenses purchased for the software, then there was typically an added expense of service and support. Designers spend a lot of time making sure the different components all worked together. The innovators at Weidmüller recognized many of these time-consuming challenges and wanted to make it easier for people to implement smart technology – which is why they created the u-mation Kits.”

“The u-mation Kits can really be seen as a ‘plug-n-play’ option,” elaborates Castillo. “You plug it in, connect to the web server, and you have immediate access to the software that is already inside the controller. You plug it in and start programming. It’s that easy.”

The capabilities provided by u-mation Kits benefit both OEMs and end users. “OEMs can program standalone equipment to operate precisely and efficiently, program their equipment to work with other machines, and design apps for their end users. There are tons of applications that are already GR_U_Control_Laptodesigned with cloud capability in mind, including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud Services (AWS), and IBM Cloud (Watson). The u-mation Kits work with all of these through the built-in Node-RED software, making it flexible and versatile for anyone who wants to start using it.”

“Utilities can also benefit from using u-mation Kits as well,” declares Castillo. “Imagine a water treatment system or pumping station in a remote, hard-to-reach location. If the operator wants to check temperatures, see tank levels, determine whether a pump is on or off, the software and cloud solutions embedded in the u-mation Kits allow the end user to design the interfaces in which they can see what is happening in their facility with no software subscription fees.”

When you can program equipment to operate so precisely, you can save energy, conserve water, and extend the life of your equipment! “Where I see the u-mation Kits having the biggest impact is in preventive / predictive maintenance and also the movement toward reduced energy use,” shares Castillo. “These are important reasons why we want to adopt automation and why Weidmüller wants to make it easier for people to pick up newer, smarter technology and use it right away.”

Time is of the essence and putting parts together is not easy. Simplify the process and leverage the packaged power of the Weidmüller u-mation Kits. Less time. Less cost. Less intimidating.


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