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Together We Set Standards in Connectivity

Posted by Weidmuller North America on Jul 14, 2020 3:07:03 PM


Global ventilation manufacturing demand requires systems with maximum levels of reliability and availability at the same time as minimal maintenance and repairs. In compliance with optimized security and environmental standards, of course.

We at Weidmüller are doing our part to assist with your production requirements, in the hope of saving lives.AdobeStock_331804060

As a technology partner to the ventilation manufacturers new and old, we provide optimum connections between people, machines and components. We develop application-specific solutions which are well equipped and support our customers in complying with environmental protection and safety standards. All of this adds up to making us a reliable partner for industrial connectivity, power supplies, distribution, and battery back-up systems. And we have been that for more than 40 years.

As experienced experts we support you with our product innovations.

Terminal Blocks - Push-in Technologycopy_of_New A-Series Modular Terminal Blocks featuring PUSH IN Technology

  • Fast and reliable tension clamp connection technology
  • Outstanding shock and vibration resistance
  • Compact size with wide clamping range


10640300009999Low Profile Surge/Transient Protection - VSSC4 for AC/DC

  • VSSC4 high density terminal block arresters are only 6.2mm (0.244in)W x 76mm (2.992in)H, making it ideal for ventilation system enclosures where space savings is of the essence.
  • Direct PE-Ground automatically ensures no induced voltages spread to sensitive electronic ventilator equipment.
  • Optimal transient protection from indirect lightning strikes via GDT or MOV technology.

26187200009999Solid State Relays - TermSeries TOP

  • Din-rail mountable for easy installation and access alongside control devices housed inside ventilation system enclosures.
  • Near silent operation, maintaining low noise near a patient or medical room.
  • Touch safe Push-in technology provides highest vibration resistance and quick wiring time.
  • Low power consumption and no potential for sparking, applicable for medical rooms.


9926_2_P_Branch_wAux_ ContactCircuit Protection - 9926 Series

  • Only 13mm width narrow profile
  • Hydraulic magnetic technology, operational in any ambient temperature ensuring 100% reliability.
  • Alternative to fuses and fuse terminals 1:1 reset without replacing parts after a short circuit, no cooling down time necessary.
  • Safely reset after tripping, trips to mid-position, requiring user to toggle OFF than ON position.


2019_CMS_GR_Device-Markers_HA_34Wire & Device Markers

  • Fast and accurate recognition, reducing potential sources of error
  • Heat shrink and self-laminating wire markers
  • Self-adhesive and electrical labels
  • Switch gear, device, and installation markers


2019_CMS_SI_PZ6_Roto_L_HA1_1Precision Tools

  • Provide a secure connection using our UL certified ferrules with our UL hand tools or machines
  • The self-adjusting crimp dies ensures stable crimping and avoid user errors


GR_Power_2018_HA_1_Title_copyPower Supplies

  • Medical devices have valves and DC motors for air pumps which demand inrush current to work properly. Our power supplies with Power Boost or the Dynamic Current Limiting offer this additional inrush current, keeping a stabilized and reliable voltage (12 or 24Vdc) to all electrical devices operating the critical lifesaving equipment.



13700500109999Backup Battery Systems (DC UPS + Batteries)

  • A compact and rechargeable battery backup system provides the demanded electrical power autonomy to the medical equipment in case of power failure or need to move the patient to another location.
  • Working in conjunction with the isolated Power Supplies from Weidmuller, our UPS and batteries offer a completely reliable and safe energy supply to any critical device.


Power Distribution Blocks

  • Compact with slim form factor
  • Easy to use, based on visible termination entry contacts
  • Touch safe - IP20 class of protection


PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors



UC-2000 web controller - Remote I/O on EtherCAT / ModbusGR_U_Control_Laptop_HA_3

  • For local valve control operations with a flexible IO system that can be hot swappable and easily expanded





12421000009999Cellular modem + wifi for remote connection

  • Transmit patient data directly to the database and build/monitor equipment data through wifi
  • No need to run cable with secure VPN access over cellular connection 





GR_Automation_Overview_HA_1Remote IO + IP67 HMI

  • Display patient information from any program or interface for clear visibility and interaction
  • Quickly transmit and gather IO


Untitled-1Cabling and Connectors

  • M8 & M12 cord sets and field attachable connectors
  • RJ45 field attachable
  • RJ45 Patch cords
  • HDC Power Connectors - HA and HQ series inserts